Verstappen’s winning streak continues, breaks record with 10th consecutive victory

Verstappen's winning streak continues, breaks record with 10th consecutive victory

Red Bull Max Verstappen made history at the Italian Grand Prix by securing a record-breaking number of consecutive wins, surpassing Ferrari’s strong challenge.

Verstappen faced a tough battle against Carlos Sainz of Ferrari, who held him back for 14 laps. However, Sainz’s mistake at the first chicane opened the door for Verstappen to overtake him at the second chicane in Monza.

Sainz valiantly defended his position against Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez, but eventually lost second place with nine laps remaining. Sainz then fought hard to keep his teammate Charles Leclerc behind and secure the final podium spot.

Despite worn tires, Sainz held on with some daring late braking moves. On the final lap, Leclerc attempted to overtake Sainz at the first chicane, but Sainz defended his position, forcing Leclerc to cut the chicane.

In the end, Leclerc finished just 0.1 seconds behind Sainz. Mercedes’ George Russell finished fifth, while Lewis Hamilton showcased his skill by starting on hard tires and switching to mediums, allowing him to pass the McLarens and Alex Albon’s Williams to claim sixth place.

Hamilton’s strategic move paid off, earning him valuable points in the race.

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