UEFA plans an eight-match Champions League group stage

UEFA plans an eight-match group stage for the Champions League

Officials from UEFA, clubs, and leagues have agreed on adjustments to the expanded Champions League format.

The number of group stage matches will be increased to eight.

Starting in 2024, the number of rounds per team will increase from six to eight instead of ten, as the group stage will be restructured from 32 to 36 teams.

The format changes have been approved by the UEFA club competitions committee, but the idea will now be voted on by the executive committee.

Two additional places in the expanded format would be awarded to the two countries with the highest UEFA ranking based on their teams’ results in European competitions the previous season.

If the system was already in existence, the fifth-place team in England would qualify for the Champions League, with the Netherlands earning a second automatic spot.

The team finishing third in the Dutch league would get a chance to enter the qualifying rounds.