Enoh pledges to revitalise MKO Abiola Stadium for sporting excellence

Enoh pledges to revitalise MKO Abiola Stadium for sporting excellence

The Minister of Sports Development, Sen John Enoh, has expressed his commitment to restoring the Moshood Abiola National Stadium in Abuja to its former glory.

During his recent inspection tour of the expansive national monument, Sen John Enoh emphasized the stadium’s potential to become one of the best multi-purpose stadium complexes in Africa.

He pledged to prioritize infrastructural development and ensure that every part of the stadium, including the athletes’ hostel, is fully functional.

“Amidst the so much that I have seen here, the positives and the negatives, this stadium is a very definitive national monument. There is about nothing that you will find elsewhere, that you cannot find here.

“However, from 2003 till date, the facility has gone through a lot. The ministry under my leadership will do all that it can, to get every part of the stadium functional, including the athletes’ hostel, because athletes must have the best, to be the best,” he said.

Speaking further, the minister stated that “We embarked on this tour because whatever one wants to do, we have to do it from a standpoint of knowledge, and that is what I am doing.

“Facilities and infrastructures are a key component of sports, as they are variables that drive both elite performance and grassroots development.

“It is therefore very important that we get it right. We must maintain the current infrastructure that we have, and look towards making them better, to match what we have across the world,” he said.

The minister’s visit to the stadium was aimed at gaining firsthand knowledge and understanding to guide future actions as his vision is to create a world-class sporting facility that provides athletes with the best environment to excel.

With his leadership, the Moshood Abiola National Stadium is poised to regain its status as a prominent national landmark and a hub for sporting excellence in Nigeria.

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