Simi Olusola advocates use of sports as component tools of development

Simi Olusola advocates use of sports as component tools of development

Simi Olusola, a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for the House of Assembly from Ekiti state’s Ikere 11 Constituency, has reaffirmed her aim to utilize sports to empower and develop the young people in her constituency.

She revealed this on Sunday as scouts observed the players in action at a tournament and scouting event hosted by Gateway Football Academy.

As represented by Mr. Femi Ayeni, the director general of her campaign, Simi asserted that, as a sports lover, it is impossible to overstate the contribution that sports provide to societal advancement.

She stated that she will support the academy to keep adolescents involved and assist them in pursuing their aspirations in order to pursue her commitment for youth development.

She represented the University of Ibadan twice at the Nigerian University Games Association (NUGA), where she witnessed first-hand how a lack of support has thwarted the dreams of many young athletes.

“I know the importance and benefits of sports and I have experienced the lack of support during my university days. We have a large chunk of youths whose energies can be channelled into sports and help reduce insecurity in the country.

“I intend to use sports to develop the overall wellbeing of the youths, use it empower them through well thought out and planned initiatives.

“Many youths in my constituency can make good living from sports going forward. I am prepared to see them achieve their dreams as sportsmen and women. Kudos to Gateway Football Academy and I will work with them to unearth talents from Ikere,” the 33-year-old tech enthusiast said.