Sanchez Urges Neymar To Always Be Himself

Alexis Sanchez has spoken glowingly of his former Barcelona teammate Neymar.

The Arsenal forward came head-to-head with Neymar when Chile met Brazil in an international friendly at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday.

Of his old Camp Nou colleague, Sanchez was complimentary of him as a person and a footballer and urged the 23-year old to never change.

“Neymar raised everyone’s spirits as he is a very joyful person,” Sanchez said. “I hope he never changes.

“His happiness is contagious and that’s something I really like. Regarding his quality, I cannot come up with something new. Everybody knows how good he is.

“He dares to so some stuff with the ball no one would dare to that. That’s the beauty of football.”

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