Queiroz vows to defend with ’16 players’ against Senegal

… Don't wear suits to game, says Cisse tells supporters

Queiroz vows to defend with 16 players against Senegal

Egypt coach Carlos Queiroz says his team “will defend with 16 players” when they protect a 1-0 lead over Senegal on Tuesday in the second leg of an African World Cup play-off.

“What I mean by 16 players is that each one must make the effort of two players, not just one player,” said the Mozambique-born former Real Madrid manager and twice Manchester United assistant manager.

“We deservedly won the first leg against the best team in Africa and now we are going to Senegal to fight for every metre, every loose ball. Every Egyptian must double his efforts.”

A play-off that pits Liverpool stars Mohamed Salah of Egypt and Sadio Mane of Senegal against each other is a repeat of the recent Africa Cup of Nations final, which Senegal won on penalties after a 0-0 draw.

Meanwhile, Senegal coach Aliou Cisse says he does not want to see supporters wearing suits in the recently completed Stade du Senegal near Dakar when they confront Egypt.

“We need more fanaticism when it comes to supporting our national team, like they do in Egypt and other north African countries,” he says.

“Those who wear suits to football matches must give their tickets to Senegalese supporters who wear football jerseys. We want to see only green, yellow and red (national flag colours) in the stands.”

The outcome could hinge on Egypt snatching an ‘away’ goal — if they do Senegal will face the mammoth task of scoring at least three times to qualify.