PFAN boss, Tijani to move to meet NFF Task Force

PFAN boss, Tijani to move to meet NFF Task Force

President of the Professional Footballers Association of Nigeria, PFAN, Tijani Babaginda has hailed the move by the current NFF president, Ibrahim Gusau for initiating to meet with NFF task force on Tuesday.

Tijani noted that the move is a big welcome development which is capable of bringing lasting peace to the Nations football family.

He stressed that this is a far departure from the position of the former presidents of the football house who shied away from meeting with the players Union to discuss a way out of the issue at stake, a situation that had greatly led to the aggravation of the current situation.

“We are very happy with this new development by the NFF president. This is what has been lacking with the former presidents who decided to stay away from meeting with us. This is the reason the problems have lingered. I am very happy, and we are graciously looking forward to the NFF president meeting with our task force,”

You may want to recall that over the years, the Nigeria players unions have been at loggerhead with the Nigeria football authorities, a situation that has led to lots of litigations.

Currently, the players Union task force is still contesting the legality of the last NFF election which produced the current board. And there are fears that the board may be sent packing if the ruling goes against them.

But, with the new move by the President of the Football Federation, a lasting peace may be finally reached by all parties.

Those invited for the meeting include Harrison Jalla, Edema Fuludu, Victor Baribote, Austin Popo and the former president of the football players Union, Dahiru Said.