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One Year After, Lamar Odom Opens Up On Drug Overdose In Nevada Brothel

Former NBA star. Lamar Odom has opened up for the first time on what transpired in the Nevada brothel last year where he ended up in the hospital fighting for his life.

He revealed all in an exclusive interview with The Doctors for a candid confessional just prior to entering a drug and alcohol treatment center.

The basketball star opens up to ER physician Dr. Travis Stork about his Oct. 2105 overdose at a legal Nevada brothel, his subsequent coma and recovery, the Kardashian family and his battles with addiction. The secret interview took place just before he took his first steps on his road to recovery.

Looking back on the October 2015 incident, Lamar tells Dr. Stork, “I wasn’t in a good place mentally, especially mentally, before the incident happened. My wife at the time, we were going through some things,” he says, referring to Khloe Kardashian. “I was in a dark place. So, I guess they say everything happens for a reason. So, I guess the reason is I’m here and I can tell the story.”

The athlete was not even aware that he had been in a coma until his famous wife revealed to him that he came close to death.

“I didn’t know until… Khloe had told me that I was in a coma. I couldn’t even speak at the time. I couldn’t talk. Nothing would come out when I would open my mouth. So, I was scared,” he reveals.

Dr. Stork asks Lamar, “There have been reports that even since what happened to you last October that you’ve still been using substances. Is that true or false?”

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The answer to that question and much more will be revealed on a future episode of The Doctors in January, once the basketball player has completed his treatment.

“The one goal is for Lamar to get through his recovery. When he is done, when he is out of rehab, we will have him back on the show. We’ll see his full interview before he went into rehab. We’re going to talk to him about how rehab was because that’s all that matters right now. This is going to take time. He’s not going to be out of rehab next week,” Dr. Stork explains.

Dr. Stork goes on to describe Lamar’s state during the exclusive sit-down, saying, “[He was] surprisingly clearheaded and very, very open with the demons that he’s battled. And he’s a human being first. I think sometimes we forget that because he’s reached such celebrity status, whether it be on the court or on his reality series, and you can tell he’s just a man trying to find his way.”

He also reveals that Lamar appears devoted to getting his life back on track. “He seems very committed… no one was forcing him to go [to rehab]. He, of his own accord – with a clear mind I might add – decided that this is what he needed to do to recover his life,” Dr. Stork continues. “He was very open and honest about these demons he’s dealing with.”

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