Odegbami reveals his greatest pain as a former footballer

Odegbami confirms ‘juju’ exists in Nigerian football

Former International and IICC Shooting Stars of Ibadan legend, Patrick Olusegun Odegbami has added his voice to the debate on the existence of ‘juju’ in football, confirming its existence, but doubts its efficacy, the reports.

Odegbami, it could be recalled, took to his column in some newspapers penultimate week to discuss his experiences on the practice of ‘juju’ while his playing career lasted, said there is ‘juju’ in the game right from the cradles.

He spoke as a Guest of the FCT FOOTBALL UPDATE WhatsApp group “PERSONALITY INTERVIEW.

Mathematical Odegbami as he is fondly called said “there is juju in football. There is juju in primary, secondary schools football. There is juju in Nigeria football, there is juju in Africa football, there is juju everywhere. But, it depends on the context you are looking at it. Juju is not always from the negative aspects that people are looking at it.

“If you seek anything divine to the game of football, it becomes’juju’ and everyone is using it one way or the other”. Odegbami reiterated that on his personal experiences in the game, shows that such does not work.

“That to succeed in football, that all the basic and fundamental principles of practice and training in the game must be observed,” he said.

David Luiz: I can't coach with my hair

The SportsBay recalls Emmanuel Petit has claimed that Senegal against all odds used witchcraft to secure a 1-0 victory over France at the 2002 FIFA World Cup that held in South Korea and Japan.

The former NTC FC of Ibadan and Housing Corporation of Ibadan mesmerizing winger whose skills demystified the then dreaded WNDC Shooting Stars of Ibadan, for NTC to win the Region’s Challenge cup in 1972, said the composition of the present Super Eagles team with majorly foreign-based players should not be a sort of worry to anyone, as every country uses their best of players, no matter where they are based.

He said in the past, the majority of the players play at home, so, the bulk of the national team players came from home. He observed that the trend changed in the ’80s following the mass movement of players overseas.

He, however, sees hope for the NPFL players immediately after the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world ” I am seeing hope for the best players in the country staying at home after the pandemic, as the mass rush to overseas will be reduced, and this will give the Coaches the opportunity to work with the best of players in the domestic league” he concluded.

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