Nigeria should follow in Qatar’s footsteps to host future World Cup – Mouktar

Nigeria should follow in Qatar's footsteps to host future World Cup - Mouktar

Alhaji Adam Mouktar Mohammed, Chairman of the FCT Football Association, has stated that Nigeria should follow in the footsteps of Qatar and host the FIFA World Cup in the future, reports.

Before yesterday’s third-place game, Mouktar speaking with Daily Trust on the sidelines of the FIFA World Cup, said that Nigeria, a football superpower recognized around the globe, should capitalize on the economic and sporting advantages that will result from hosting the world cup.

“Qatar has the vision and Nigeria should have the vision that we can host the world. The belief is the first and we begin to plan.

“We should aspire to host the world and plan for it within 10–15 years, where we can promote our country, and culture as they will be economical and sporting benefits. Most people know Nigeria as a football superpower. My biggest dream is to see Nigeria win the World Cup,” he said.

He also hailed the tournament as a world-class world cup that has helped erase the wrong assumptions about Qatar.

“From a personal point of view, I am impressed with how Qatar has hosted the world. They have set a standard for a future World Cup and for them being able to get past the insinuations, and assumptions as a lot of people didn’t know about the country and that’s the beauty of football. It unifies and we can promote a lot of good things through football. It is a world-class world cup,” he concluded