Napoli social media manager resigns amidst Osimhen TikTok saga

Napoli executive quits job amidst Osimhen saga

Following the widespread backlash from a recent TikTok video involving Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen, a Napoli social media executive has made the decision to resign from his position at the club.

The aftermath of Napoli’s TikTok gaffe has continued to reverberate, with the club taking swift action in response to the controversy.

The video, which appeared on Napoli’s official TikTok channel, made light of Osimhen’s penalty miss against Bologna. However, the video was met with severe criticism and condemnation, prompting Napoli to issue an official explanation and remove the video from their platform.

Unfortunately, the damage had already been done, and the incident threatened to strain the relationship between Osimhen and the club.

In the midst of the controversy, Osimhen took to social media to express his commitment to Napoli and defend both the club and its supporters against accusations of racism. Despite removing images related to Napoli from his Instagram page, Osimhen clarified that he remains fully dedicated to the club and appreciates the support he receives from the people of Naples.

Napoli, in their official statement, emphasized that they had no intention of harming their own player with the TikTok video. Manager Rudi Garcia also reiterated this sentiment.

However, the resignation of social media executive Alessio Fortino serves as a clear indication that the club recognizes the need for accountability and the importance of maintaining a respectful and supportive environment for their players.

It remains to be seen how Napoli will navigate the aftermath of this incident and work towards rebuilding trust and fostering a positive atmosphere within the club.

Fortino revealed on his Instagram account that he would be leaving Napoli, saying, “Today, after 805 days, my professional adventure with SSC Naples ends. For many this job would be comparable to a dream, for me it was simple daily reality: a reality built on commitment and fueled by the constant desire to learn and play.

“I cannot help but express my deepest gratitude to all the colleagues, collaborators, partners and supporters I’ve met along this long journey for making this experience so special.

“Leaving the company with a baggage of great memories and an excitement for the new adventures that lie ahead. Thanks again for everything and see you soon! Alessio.”

The reason for the executive’s resignation was not explicitly stated, but the circumstances surrounding his stepping down and its proximity to Osimhen’s statement in support of Napoli, insinuates that the two events are linked.

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