My colleagues abandoned me after my ligament injury – Etim Esin

My colleagues abandoned me after my ligament injury - Etim Esin

Former Super Eagles player Etim Esin has requested assistance for ligament surgery, claiming that he has approached the Nigerian Players Union and his state Football Association (FA) with no success.

Etim Esin, better known as Maradona, was shot in the right leg while on duty for Chile 87.

A passionate Nigerian who sacrificed for his country by playing for the Super Eagles was titled (Maradona) because of his brilliant skills and enthusiasm, but his career was cut short due to a ligament injury he got on his way to a national assignment, Chile 87.

Etim told reporters in a discussion that he still has some decent people reaching out to him, but that his constituency, the Nigerian Players Union, and his state Union, whom he had approached, had turned him down, but that the name that God given him is what is sustaining him right now.

” My state failed me, the players union failed me but I thank God for the name he gave me so the name is what is speaking well now with the good fellow so, I thank God for them. To talk about the rest, my state FA, the players union I even tried to reach out to Tijani Babangida I sent him the message, and even the stuff from the hospital but to no avail.”

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