Mikel Obi sheds light on African footballers and dark side of family exploitation

Mikel Obi sheds light on African footballers and the dark side of family exploitation

Super Eagles of Nigeria legend Mikel Obi has expressed his opinions about how African families take advantage of their successful members.

This was stated by Obi, who came in second place in the 2013 African Footballer of the Year award, in an interview that Rio Ferdinand arranged for “Vibes With Five.”

Mikel Obi said, “You get threatened by your own blood, your own.

“When you come from Africa, and this is something I don’t think we speak a lot about, when you make money, it’s not your money.

opinions about how African families take advantage of their successful members.
“You have all these relatives, cousins, whatever you call it. Yeah.

“You know, and your sisters, they go off and they get married to some guy who just wants to get married to John Obi Mikel’s family, because my life is sorted. And then you start looking after this guy.

“Before you know it, you’re looking at them. They keep having so many kids and so many kids, and you look at it, okay, you’re having this many kids, who’s going to look after them? It’s you.

“For them, you owe them that. So, sometimes you have to be strong and say, you know what, guys, enough is enough, I don’t care.

“They give you this thing whereby, if you don’t do it, we’re going to go to the press. Oh, wow. After all, I’ve done for you guys. But this happens a lot.

“In Africa, I’m telling you, not everybody comes out and speaks about it, because we’re thinking, how are we going to talk about this?”

At 17, Mikel joined the Norwegian club Lyn to start his career.He later joined Chelsea after a contract dispute with rivals Manchester United.

Mikel has been dominating the trends since he appeared on Talksport to talk about Ferguson’s disappointment when he turned down Manchester United for Chelsea.

Obi cost £16 million to join Chelsea and was one of the club’s highest-paid players during his 11-year stay there.

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