Mane’s manager accuse Bayern Munich of racism

Mane's manager accuse Bayern Munich of racism

Sadio Mane’s manager, Bacary Cisse, has made some unsettling accusations against Bayern Munich.

Cisse believes that Mane was discriminated against by the Bavarian club and was ultimately sold due to his background.

Specifically, Cisse claims that Bayern Munich did not want an African player as one of their highest earners. After a successful spell at Liverpool, Mane joined Bayern Munich with high expectations.

However, due to a three-month injury layoff and disciplinary issues, Mane was not able to live up to the initial hype. After just one season, Mane was sold to Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia.

Despite the move, Cisse has not forgiven nor forgotten the perceived ill-treatment that Mane received.

Cisse said, “It wasn’t a footballing decision [to sell him]. Sadio’s salary bothered the Germans, they didn’t understand how an African joins the club and becomes the top earner ahead of everyone, so they wanted to get rid of him.

“They never called the player’s representatives. They never told Sadio face-to-face that they wanted to get rid of him. They just sent [Thomas] Tuchel to tell him that he will be a third-choice left winger.

Cisse was also adamant that his client Mane did not need to justify his earnings at Bayern Munich saying, “Sadio has nothing to prove to the Germans. He didn’t become what he’s become thanks to Bayern. It was thanks to Liverpool. Bayern were ungrateful. They were paying an African all this money, and that hurt them.

After Mane’s move to Al-Nassr which will see him earn a sensational £33.8 million per year compared to his £17.3 million salary at Bayern Munich, Cisse also claimed that the Bundesliga side almost scuppered the deal by raising their demands for the winger when they realised he still had quality to offer.

He said “They first leaked to the media they were ready to sell him for €20m (£17.3m). But after he returned to training and they saw he was doing well, they raised the price to €30m (£25.9m).”

“He was professional until the end. But the people in charge at Bayern weren’t fair.”

Despite his alleged treatment by the club, Cisse believes that Mane was always straightforward with Bayern Munich and never tried to use the club for their money.

“Sadio didn’t steal his money, Cisse said, continuing, “From the first meeting with Bayern, he gave them his word that he would join, without talking about the salary. His representatives negotiated that salary for him.”

In reaction, the Bundesliga champion denied the accusation levelled against them in a statement.

“We have terminated our contract with Sadio Mané by mutual consent. Accusations of racism, as they are now being raised again from Sadio’s environment, are unfounded and were so from the beginning.

“Our coach Thomas Tuchel never said to Sadio that he was no longer allowed to use him. FC Bayern appreciated Sadio Mané as a person and as a player. Unfortunately, our common goals, which we had set ourselves with his commitment, have not been fulfilled.

“That happens in football. We wish Sadio all the best and every success at his new club!

“Mané simply didn’t work out for the club and he had to be moved on, but for Cisse to come out and say this stuff is poor from him.

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