Kobe Bryant’s Lakers 2007/08 jersey auctioned off at $5.7m

Kobe Bryant's Lakers 2007/08 jersey auctioned off at $5.7m

Kobe Bryant is widely recognized as one of the greatest NBA icons of all time.

The former Los Angeles Lakers forward, who died tragically in a helicopter crash in January 2020, acquired the affection of basketball fans for his period performances and unrivaled sportsmanship, which will be remembered by followers of the game.

And now, one of Black Mamba’s renowned jerseys has been auctioned off for an astounding sum that has broken records – a genuine monument to how influential he remains even in death.

An auction house, under the name of Sotheby’s, had put up for sale one of the shirts of the Lakers legend.

It was the shirt Kobe Bryant used for 25 games in the 2007-2008 season, the same one in which he was named MVP in that season.

“This jersey has infiltrated our global popular culture in a way that perhaps no other sports device has done before, and has become an icon and synonym of the image of Kobe Bryant,” the company said in the presentation of the bid via Barrons.

However, a person, whose identity is still unknown, eventually won the auction having made the largest bid after putting $5.84 million (N4,380,000,000) on the table.

An amount that has now placed the shirt as the most expensive garment of the illustrious player.

This shirt is installed on the podium of the highest sales in history, only behind the one worn by Michael Jordan ($10.1 million) in the 1998 NBA finals and Maradona’s ($9.28 million) at the 86 World Cup.

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