Keshi Quits Super Eagles

The agent to out of contract Super Eagles coach Stephen Keshi, Emma Addo has confirmed that his client won’t be signing the new contract offered to him by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

The NFF offered Keshi a new deal to continue in his role as coach of the Super Eagles, but with several clauses which were not contained in his former deal, despite been on same salary like he was before.

Addo insists the “big boss” like Keshi loved to be called, deserves a better deal than the one currently on the table, which he terms as a slave contract.

“Keshi won’t sign, Nigeria can start looking for another coach, is that a contract or slavery, How can the NFF even come up with such idea” he said.

“For all Keshi did for Nigeria there are better ways of releasing him, surely not this way, I repeat he won’t sign the NFF slave contract, he is not as hungry or jobless as they think.

On what’s next for the AFCON 2013 winner, Addo said the NFF stopped Keshi from looking elsewhere, but now that they are out of the way, in a few days’ time his client will pick up a job.

“Keshi belongs to the league of few indigenous coaches in Africa who are highly respected and sought after, The NFF wasted his time but now that they are no longer an option, I assure you in a few days’ time, my client will be employed.

Meanwhile, Keshi has once again blasted the football federation by accusing them of thinking they are doing him a favor.

There has been a stand-off between the NFF and Keshi over offering the 53-year old a new contract, with Keshi recently denying he has been offered any contract by the Glass House.

But last week, the NFF have prepared a contract proposal for Keshi, but the former Togo coach has hit out at the NFF, saying the Glass House have been acting like they are doing him and other Nigerian coaches a favor by giving them national team jobs.

“What Nigerian coaches don’t realize is that the NFF thinks they are doing us a favor by giving us national team jobs,” he said.

“Until Nigerian coaches will understand it is their right and it is their job, so they should think and act like professional coaches and deal with it. Not when somebody is just pushing you around, which is not right?”

The former Nigeria captain is presently in the country, which has further fuelled speculations he could have been waiting to sign the dotted lines, but he has rubbished such speculations, insisting that he is not waiting on the NFF for a job.

“I just want them to know that I am not waiting, I’m a Nigerian and this is my country. It is not like if I am in Nigeria then it means I am waiting for Nigeria to offer me a job, no.

“I am a Nigerian and I am entitled to be here and I can leave and come anytime I want. So they should not have it in mind that I am waiting for Nigeria to give me a job, they should take it out of their minds.”

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