Henderson: Money wasn’t my motivation for going to Saudi Arabia

Henderson: Money wasn't my motivation for going to Saudi Arabia

Jordan Henderson, the former Liverpool midfielder, has recently addressed the speculation surrounding his move to Saudi side Al Ettifaq.

Despite the prevailing narrative that Henderson’s decision was solely driven by financial gain, he has emphatically denied these claims.

According to him, his move to Saudi Arabia was not motivated by money, but rather by the opportunity to be a part of an exciting project.

In fact, he revealed that he had discussions with Al Ettifaq boss Steven Gerrard, his former teammate at Liverpool, who played a significant role in convincing him to make the move.

While the allure of a reported £700,000 weekly salary with no taxes is undoubtedly tempting, Henderson’s primary focus was on the project and the chance to work with Gerrard once again.

Speaking to The Athletic, Henderson said: “Everything I spoke to Stevie about was football and the project. And he actually said he didn’t want to get involved in any of the money stuff. 

“It was all about what we could do together to achieve something special and build a club and build the league.”

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