Israel Adesanya reveals how he defeated Alex Pereira

Israel Adesanya reveals how he defeated Alex Pereira

New Zealand professional mixed martial artist of Nigerian descent Israel Adesanya, has spoken about his triumph in UFC 287’s main event.

On Sunday, April 9, 2023, Adesanya reclaimed the UFC Middleweight title by defeating Brazilian professional mixed martial artist Alexsandro Pereira.

Pereira defeated Adesanya by a unanimous decision in their first meeting, which took place at a kickboxing match in Shenzhen in 2016.

Pereira won their second fight, which took place in 2017 at a kickboxing event in Sao Paulo, by knockout.

At Madison Square Garden in New York in November of last year, Pereira defeated Adesanya to win the UFC Middleweight championship.

Victory for Adesanya against Pereira in Miami was not just to return to the top of the Middleweight division but get revenge against a difficult rival after seven years.

The Last Style bender took to his official YouTube account to give fans details on the victory against Pereira.

He started off with his ring walk to the octagon as the challenger. Adesanya explained why he was embraced his family on his way.

He said, “I want to grab all the energy I could because I knew you guys would give me so much energy.

“So I’m gonna tap in I’m gonna tap in just can’t stay too long if I stay too long.”

Adesanya then broke down Pereira’s walk out to the cage explaining that he has massive features but sheds so much weight to stay in the division.

He then went on to state that Pereira is a tough opponent and will be tough for the rest of the contenders in the division.

Adesanya added, “He’s got a big head bro it’s big features long legs his hips are like where my abdomen is. Good luck to the next one they’re gonna see how easy it is.

“Take him down that’s like the best thing you can do but if you want to stand if you want to stand with this guy good luck good luck, he’s got a body type Built For Fighting.”

Adesanya explained that he posed a massive threat to Pereira by switching stances, his footwork and ability to connect.

He revealed that the secret to victory was being able to use the octagon space well and willingness to engage in trading shots when required.

He further stated that to get the knockout he had to make sure that Pereira was able to feel comfortable attacking him.

Adesanya closed out the analysis by saying, “I gave him so much problems he tried footwork just Superior

“I try to brawl I want to brawl, Escape guys trying now I was like oh. It got so comfortable I want him to feel comfortable throw a reckless abandonment

“I wanted him to get comfortable so he thinks I’m a punching bag now oh I can just tee off. I’m not all these other guys who fight with bro I’m not these other blood clots.”