Inzaghi defiant after Champions League final loss

Inzaghi defiant after Champions League final loss

After losing to Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League final, Inter head coach Simone Inzaghi urged his team to be positive and promised that the Nerazzurri will soon reach this level once more.

Inzaghhi spoke to the media after his team’s defeat against Manchester City and praised them for their perseverance and hard effort in the final, adding they should be proud of what they had accomplished.

He said, “We had a great game and ought to be proud of that. We mustn’t think of the what-ifs, we deserved more.

“I hugged my players one by one, as they were extraordinary, just as our fans were and deserved a different result, but I hope they were happy seeing the way the team played tonight,” Inzaghi told Sport Mediaset.

Inzaghi also claimed that on another day, his side would have emerged champions, citing the final moments of the match, where Inter came close to leveling the tie, to buttress his point.

Inzaghi said, “The last 25 minutes were there for all to see, it felt like the ball didn’t want to go in. It happens, unfortunately, it happened in the Champions League final.

“We hit the crossbar, there was a goal-line clearance, a shot that hit a teammate, everything happened.

The Italian manager also noted that the team had not betrayed their style and will be back to playing on the biggest stage soon if they maintained their current levels.

“We played against Manchester City with our own strengths and we did it very, very well,” he said before continuing, “With this spirit, organisation and determination, I think we will be back here again in future.”

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