Husband Catches Wife Having Illegal Fun with Pastor’s Son

For sheer providence and luck on his side, a man in Osun State would have been cooling his heels behind bars if he had carried out his immediate judgement on his cheating wife who he caught have some illegal fun with his pastor’s son. He was ready to send both to the great beyond…….wherever that is though.

The man, Olabisi Afolayan, has however, dragged his wife, Folasade, to a divorce court, praying the court to dissolve the marriage which has lasted the whole of 20 years and blessed with 5 children, as he could no longer take the trauma of the shame she has brought upon himself and his family.

Afolayan told the court that he could no longer condone her promiscuity, stressing that his wife is so loose and in 2003, she also ran away with a man, abandoning her matrimonial home for four years.

Narrating his ordeal in tears, Afolayan said: “The cause of our problem is her adulterous ways and she causes problems for me because she once ran away with another man in 2003 and I did not find her until 2007.

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By the time she came back, I had married another wife. Attempts at reconciliation were made but I refused. She invited the police to harass my second wife until she ran away.

She once told me that she wanted to go and buy bread, and that was how she disappeared for three days. I also came back from work one day and was told she was not around; I later heard her voice and traced her to a church near our house.

When I got there, I found my wife and the pastor’s son having sex. I went to get a cutlass, but before I came back, they had fled.

I want the court to know that I am not the father of our sixth child and I am not responsible for the pregnancy she is carrying.”

But in her defense, Folasade denied the allegations against her, saying her husband is only trying to dodge fending for his children.

“We have six children and not five and we have been married for 20 years, but we have never lived together because of constant fightings.”

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