How I became a football referee – Marciniak

How I became a football referee - Marciniak

Polish referee, Szymon Marciniak has revealed he was once a promising footballer before an incident during a game led him to become a referee, reports.

Speaking ahead of the FIFA 2022 World Cup final match on Sunday, the 41-year-old said he expects a very fast game between Argentina and France.

“I was quite a promising player as my coaches have told me, and once, a referee had sent me off during a game: actually, it was a first yellow card for me, I was fouled from behind. I was quite a good player and then after this foul, I started arguing, of course, I wanted the red card for the opponent but the referee didn’t agree with me.

“If I was polite, but he didn’t agree: No, for this, dissent, yellow card for you, Marciniak. And, I was like: “What are you saying to me?” I mean, I was fouled from behind and my Achilles was almost broken and you give me a yellow card. So, I started again and of course, he gave me a second yellow card. So then I got furious.

“We spoke after the game, and he told me a very important sentence: if you think this is so easy – because first, I have to say, I said, “You are the worst referee I have ever seen.”

“Of course, I used worse words. But he told me, “If you think this is easy work, you can go and try. You will see.” And I was thinking, why not? I have to prove that he is really poor and I will be better. So, immediately I went for the course,” he said.