Having UEFA licence is not enough to coach NPFL clubs, says Ladan Bosso

Having UEFA licence is not enough to coach NPFL clubs, says Ladan Bosso

President, Nigerian coaching association Issa Ladan Bosso has said having a Uefa license certificate from abroad is not sufficient for a coach to just leap into coaching a Nigeria Professional Football League side.

According to him, a coach needs a Nigerian mentality and proper orientation to survive coaching in the NPFL league.

He further described indigenous coaches coaching the NPFL as magicians stating, any coach from abroad that wish to coach the NPFL teams should first understudy a coach in the league before he graduates into a full-time coach using Finidi’s travails in Enyimba and Eddy Dombraye recently sacked predicaments in the league as a key study according to brilla.net.

“What is happening with Enyimba and the recently sacked Lobi stars coach it’s as a result of what I’m talking about, they don’t have the Nigeria orientation of the league.”

“My expectations were, they have to come and work under some of the Nigerian coaches in the league, they will learn one or two things and then, acclimatized as an assistant coach before they will graduate to be a full-time coach to sit on the bench in the elite league,” he said.

The former El- Kanemi and Abia Warriors coach proceeds to say, “Look at what is happening with Finidi and Dombraye, it’s not easy so, those coaches trained in the country here, I called them magicians because if you are not used to the system you will suffer it”. He concluded.