Maguire reacts to fan criticism, outlines comeback strategy to reclaim Man Utd starting position

Maguire reacts to fan criticism, outlines comeback strategy to reclaim Man Utd starting position

Under-fire England defender, Harry Maguire has shown remarkable resilience in the face of criticism and is unwavering in his determination to regain his spot at Manchester United.

The talented defender has faced his fair share of scrutiny in recent years, particularly following his performance in the recent games against Ukraine and Scotland, where he unfortunately scored an own goal.

However, Maguire has broken his silence and is actively working towards getting back to his best for both club and country.

Acknowledging the criticism, Maguire has emphasized the importance of developing a thick skin in the world of professional football. He understands that criticism is a part of the game and is using it as motivation to improve his performance on the pitch.

With unwavering focus and dedication, Maguire is putting in the hard work to prove himself once again and reclaim his starting position at Manchester United.

Maguire said as reported by the Sun, “We knew it would be hostile against the Scots and in the second half I got most of it. I am happy to go with that, don’t worry.

“They piled pressure on myself. I wouldn’t say I’m used to it but I can deal with it. I would not say I am a person who struggles with pressure mentally.

“I have been through a lot in the last couple of years and I was Manchester United captain for nearly four years.

“It was a huge honour and you take a lot of responsibility and everything that comes with it — and that is a lot of bad as well as good.”

When asked about the constant taunting he receives from rival fans, Maguire grinned and saw the silver lining.

He said, “Well, it pretty much takes the pressure away from my teammates and puts it all on myself.

“It makes them play better, for sure. It is a little bit of banter and it is a hostile environment, coming away to Scotland.”

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