Grassroots talent, critical to football development, says Mouktar

Nigeria should follow in Qatar's footsteps to host future World Cup - Mouktar

The FCT FA chairman, Adam Mouktar Mohammed, has emphasized once more the significance of identifying potential at the grassroots level for the growth of football in Nigeria.

According to Daily Trust, Mouktar claimed that due to a lack of potential at the grassroots level, Nigeria is far from having a bright sporting future.

“We don’t have any option than to do it. Without the grassroots, we can’t have the pool of talents to play and to succeed. I believe that we must do it if we want to achieve it and without that, we are nowhere near our sporting future.

“We must see the grassroots as the foundation and from there we grow from the bottom to the top,” he declared.

He further stated that the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) which is abridged is not good for the game but is hopeful of a better league system afterwards.

“We have a big problem in our hands and when the abridged league takes place, it will not be good for our football.

“But let’s pray and hope that after this year, we will sit down and properly structure the league to be handled by people who love football, have passion for the game and have the knowledge to drive the whole ecosystem.

“To seek sponsorship, you must have the right system in place. We have reached the tipping point and it can’t get worse and we have to get it right,” he said.

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