FIFA to investigate human rights abuses at Qatar World Cup hotels

FIFA to investigate human rights abuses at Qatar World Cup hotels

FIFA stated on Friday that it would investigate and not accept human rights violations alleged at its official World Cup partner hotel firms.

charity for human and labor rights In a report released on Thursday, Equidem and the labor rights organization GLJ-ILRF uncovered stunning revelations.

“Significant labor and human rights breaches at 13 out of 17 of FIFA partner hotel groups,” they claimed to have documented.

The organisations added that between February 2020 and July 2022, this was among migrant labor from Africa and Asia.

The report said the employees spoke of “sexual harassment, nationality- and gender-based discrimination, wage theft, health and safety risks, sudden loss of employment, and illegal recruitment charges.”

It said the workers feared deportation instigated by the employer if they stood up for their rights.

FIFA said it would look into the reports as part of its own audit programme and insisted it “does not accept any abuse of workers by companies involved in the preparation and delivery of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

“Hotels, as well as any other service provider associated with the FIFA World Cup, who fail to ratify issues identified through the FIFA…audit and inspection programme will have their contracts terminated,” it said.

FIFA said it has established a comprehensive due diligence programme over all aspects of the Nov. 21 to Dec. 18 tournament.

Host nation Qatar has been criticised for years over alleged human rights violations, mainly concerning migrant workers.

Local authorities have said that reforms have been carried out but rights groups have said that more needs to be done.

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