Conte: Don’t blame me alone for Spurs woes

Don't blame me alone for Spurs woes - Conte

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte feels that other individuals should be held accountable for the team’s bad performance and that it is not only his obligation to explain the situation at the club.

Having lost five of their previous nine league games, Spurs was defeated 2-0 by league-leading Arsenal on Sunday.

They now sit in fifth place in the standings and play Manchester City on Thursday.

“In England I think there’s a bad habit that it’s only the coach [who] talks and explains,” said Conte.

“I’ve never seen the medical department coming here to explain. I’ve never seen the club or the sporting director coming here to explain the strategy or vision of the club.

“In Italy, before every game there’s a person from the club that goes to speak to the media.

“I think for us it could be really better, otherwise there is only one face to explain the situation that I think is better for the club to explain.”

The Italian added: “I think it could be good for the club to be present in the media.

“Not every week, but at least every 15 days or once a month. I think it could be more simple for you to understand, otherwise it can seem [as] if something is a criticism or negative and it’s not the case.”

Spurs have taken just 10 points from the last 27 and are five points adrift of Newcastle United in third and fourth-placed Manchester United, who have a game in hand.

“If there is criticism then we have to accept [it] but it’s difficult to understand because we are doing everything we can in this situation in our possibility,” said Conte.

“The mentality of this team is very strong, but it’s not only about the mentality.”