Crocodile eats Costa Rican footballer who went swimming


The football community in Costa Rica have been thrown into mourning after a footballer was reportedly killed by a crocodile.

The Mirror reported that the unfortunate incident happened in Rio Cañas, Costa Rica after the victim decided to cool off in the river.

To recover Jesus Alberto’s body, locals had to board a canoe and kill the crocodile before they could find remains of the footballer. 

Jesus Alberto Lopez Ortiz, the 29-year-old victim before his unfortunate death, played for Deportivo Río Cañas in Costa Rica.

Tributes have continued to pour in for the footballer nicknamed “Chucho” who leaves behind two children aged eight and three. 

Since the tragedy struck on July 29, Jesus Alberto’s family have urged the public to support them financially in bearing the cost of his funeral.

Luis Carlos Montes, team manager for Deportivo Río Cañas is also staging a fundraising event for the footballer’s family. 

Deportivo Río Cañas FC issued a statement on Facebook soliciting support for their former player and provided a number that can be reached for donations. 

The statement reads,  

“Good morning, people of Rio Cañas, neighbours, we hereby inform you that a simple number has been enabled to be able to help the family of Jesus Lopez ‘Chucho’ for what unfortunate has happened today, who wishes to collaborate please make your help in the name of Luis Carlos Montes, also if your aid is physical, whether it is groceries or some other type of help, you can go leave it at the house of Don Daniel Serrano, Doña Tica will be receiving every help that comes out of her heart. Thank you so much in advance. God bless you.”  

South American nation Costa Rica is home to at least 245 species of reptiles. However, the Ministry of Environment and Energy classifies crocodiles as protected animals and frowns at the hunting or killing of such reptiles.

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