NPFL23: Bendel Insurance boss Odigie downplays unbeaten streak

Bendel Insurance boss Odigie downplays unbeaten streak

Monday Odigie, head coach of Bendel Insurance, has stated that he is unconcerned with his team’s current unbeaten streak in the 2023 Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL).

Following Divine Nwachukwu’s 20th-minute equalizer in a week 14 away encounter at Remo Stars, the Benin Arsenals stretched their winning streak to 14 games on Sunday in Ikenne.

Odigie said in a statement following their draw with Remo Stars that his major goal was to carry out his duties and that his team’s league-best record with four games remaining in the regular season was not particularly important.

“I am not a coach who works by expectations, I just try to do my job the best way I can,” Odigie said after the game, as reported by ACL Sports.

“Yes, Bendel Insurance just came in from the lower division, so, if the team doesn’t fight, we might not be able to sustain being in the NPFL. What we will just do is try to fight for every game we get to play, and go back to correct our mistakes and that’s just the game of football.

“I don’t even know what is going on around whether something called unbeaten because that’s not the issue. We have faced very good sides and if they had taken all their chances, results won’t be the same and that’s just it.”

As it stands, Bendel Insurance are the only team from either Group in the league, yet to lose a game this season.

They, however, have suffered a troubling run in the second half of the season as they have so far, failed to win a game having drawn five times in all of their last five games.

They currently sit at the top of Group A with 28 points after 14 games and look good to be among one of six teams to qualify for the Super 6 playoff.