Barcelona accuses La Liga of orchestrating a rigged competition to ensure Real Madrid’s triumph this season

Barcelona believe Real Madrid are favoured to win La Liga

Barcelona has recently made serious allegations against Real Madrid, claiming that the referees in La Liga have been biased in favour of their arch-rivals.

According to Barca Universal, the Catalan giants are expressing their dissatisfaction with several refereeing decisions that have taken place in the early stages of the 2023/24 season.

Barcelona believes that Real Madrid has been receiving preferential treatment from match officials, leading to their flawless start with four wins out of four matches and a perfect 12 points.

The reigning La Liga champions have pointed out specific incidents that they feel were unjustly handled by the referees.

They highlight the potential handball by Jude Bellingham against Almeria, which went unpunished, as well as a clear foul committed by Eder Militao against Athletic Club, which was not awarded as a penalty.

Barcelona argues that these questionable decisions have heavily favored Real Madrid and have had a significant impact on the outcome of matches.

In response to Barcelona’s accusations, Real Madrid has initiated their own internal investigations into refereeing decisions that may have benefited their rivals.

Madrid Universal reports that Los Blancos are scrutinizing Barcelona’s recent encounters with a sense of skepticism, believing that certain officiating decisions have tilted the scales in their favor.

They specifically mention Barcelona’s victories against Osasuna and Villarreal, which they claim were influenced by favorable refereeing decisions.

The ongoing rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid continues to fuel controversy on and off the field.

Both clubs are now engaged in a battle of accusations, with each side questioning the fairness and integrity of the refereeing in La Liga.

It remains to be seen how these allegations will be addressed and whether any corrective measures will be taken to ensure a level playing field for all teams in the league.

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