Ahmed Musa gifts Commonwealth gold medalist, Bassey Etim N500,000

Ahmed Musa gifts Bassey Etim half a million

Former Olympic athlete Bassey Etim from Nigeria received a N500,000 gift from Super Eagles player Ahmed Musa after being found in Ajah filling potholes.

Gold medalist Bassey Etim from the 1983 Commonwealth Games in Malta said to have hurt himself while competing for Nigeria at the 1984 Olympics.

Oc Cares, a musician, described how he reached out to Etim, known as “Iron Bar,” after seeing him at a failed portion of the Ado/Badore road in Lagos.

Etim, 56, said that he had to use his life savings to pay for his treatment and claimed that Nigeria had abandoned him.

The Cross River state born athlete said: “I sustained an injury, and when I came back, Nigeria refused to take care of my injury, so I had to use my life savings to go back to America in September 1985 to take care of the injury.

“But I still come out to volunteer myself to give back to my country. “People are saying, ‘why should you do that? They didn’t take care of you’.

The post which has since gone viral, attracted Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa, who requested his contact.

The striker wrote on Instagram: “How can I get to him pls.”

In an update on Thursday August 4, sports journalist, Babajide Orevba revealed Musa had sent the former athlete N500,000.

“I just finished speaking with him now. I sent him N500,000.” Musa was quoted saying.