AFN takes action to prevent non-payment of prize monies

AFN takes action to prevent non-payment of prize monies

The Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) has mandated that all current and future organizers of road races in Nigeria register with them in order to have their events sanctioned.

This became essential, according to Tafida Gadzama, vice president of the AFN and chair of the federation’s Road Race subcommittee, as a result of complaints about the non-payment of prize money and unrecognized measurement of race courses.

“The AFN received a letter from World Athletics warning that the federation would be held responsible for non-payment of prize monies. This is unacceptable going forward and to ensure our athletes get rewarded for participating in any road race, all road race organisers must annually register with the AFN and will be issued with licenses certifying them as such,” Gadzama said.

The AFN vice president added that registration as a road race organiser was just the first step towards getting any race sanctioned.

“The other conditions to be met will be attached to the licenses that will be issued upon registration.

“We have seen races where World Athletics competition rules are not strictly followed and where world records are set when we, for now, know the level of our athletes.

“Like World Athletics have been doing to protect the integrity of road races worldwide, especially with the label road races, the AFN, as an affiliate of the world body cannot do otherwise, hence the decision to send technical and medical delegates.

“The technical delegates will ensure all World Athletics rules are strictly applied before, during and after a race and all race courses are properly measured.”