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AFN seeks peace with sports ministry

The Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) has expressed its readiness to seek peace with the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development to resolve the lingering issues that have bedevilled the federation, the reports.

According to AFN’s General Director, Siminialayi Pepple, there were plans to set up a meeting with the sports ministry by the athletics body according to Punch.

It will be recalled that the federation has been enmeshed in a leadership crisis in the past year.  The Director of Grassroots Sports Development in the ministry, Dr Ademola Are, had urged the AFN to respect the sports ministry in a bid to end the leadership crisis rocking the federation.

“We should be meeting with the ministry, that’s what we think is the right thing to do. We expect that they’ll invite us, but we are making an overture to the ministry and we hope that they’ll also find it necessary for us to sit down and move athletics forward. If there are any grey areas that need to be cleared, we will,” Pepple said.

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He, however, said the Gusau-led AFN had no problem with other members of the board led by the federation’s vice president, Olamide George, whose faction had suspended and later impeached Gusau in bizarre circumstances.

“We’ve never had any problem with anybody on the board. The issue is, the action was taken, which we considered illegal and we went to court, and the court has given its pronouncement, everything else will just follow from there.

“This is a win-win situation for everybody, there is no victor, no vanquished, the athletes are the winners in all of these. At least, they can get back to the track for training and competitions,” Pepple added.


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