JOSE MOURINHO: From The Special One To The Only One, And Now The 'Jobless' One


I was discussing with my cousins on a family group chat on Whatsapp on Wednesday while mocking Arsenal’s ‘near’ failure and ‘almost’ success. A senior cousin of mine is a die-hard fan of Arsenal and sometimes I wonder why and how she hasn’t developed heart ache. Arsenal fans are strong hearted people, no doubt about that. They are used to ‘failure’. No pun intended here.

While the mocking was going on, Jose Mourinho’s name popped up. It seems there is no way Mourinho’s name won’t be mentioned when talking about coaches. We can all recall the famous and maybe infamous statement where he labelled Arsene Wenger as a specialist in failure. Upon revisiting that chapter, all hell was let loose and my cousin almost tore me apart. Yours sincerely is core Real Madrid fan. I hope to be top board member in future.

My cousin tore me apart so to say telling me how Mourinho was sacked and I was defending him. That was where the ‘Jobless One’ was coined. It stung me like a bee that the ‘Only One’ who in all references, deference made Real Madrid who they are today.

Before his appointment, Madrid was always dumped out in round of sixteen of the Champions League but he came and changed the status quo. Madrid began to rub shoulders with the big boys once again and became a force. He broke records in Madrid and caused controversies as well. He ended Madrid’s 18 year wait for a Copa del Rey title by defeating Barcelona.

All said and done, why is Jose Mourinho jobless? We all know he started his real professional career as a coach from Benfica to Uniao de Leiria before moving to Porto. After leaving Porto, he went to Chelsea, was sacked and went to Inter Milan, resigned and came to Real Madrid before going to back to his vomit in Chelsea who have rendered him jobless.

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In all these clubs, he won trophies upon trophies. He has won every available trophy with all the clubs put together. So he can’t be considered a failure but why is he jobless? It is said that success has plenty fathers and mothers but failure is an orphan.

He is a multi-linguist who can speak English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and it’s not surprising that he won league titles in the countries. He was also a translator cum assistant to Bobby Robson and Louis Van Gaal, his ‘potential’ predecessor at Manchester United in Barcelona as well.

On his very first press conference as Chelsea in June 2004, he said “Please don’t call me arrogant but I’m European champion and I think I’m a special one,” which resulted in the media dubbing ‘The Special One’. In August 2012 during his stint as Real Madrid manager, he stated that he had won too much to be called the Special One and deserved to be called the Only One. He felt he deserves the new status after becoming the first manager in football history to win titles in Europe’s top three leagues in England, Italy and Spain. Does he now deserve his new status as the Jobless One? Maybe for the time being.

He has continually be linked with jobs with some very ridiculous like Indonesia coaching position. He was even offered a job from the world’s worst club as well. At a point, memorabilia in his name were sold in Manchester United in anticipation of him taking over from Van Gaal. That’s seems not be possible again as the board has ratified their support for the Dutch. He has been linked with Everton job following the sack of Roberto Martinez but that isn’t sure also.

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Take a look at this. Whatever club Mourinho was to coach will have released bits of information and cause a media shutdown. There is always media frenzy surrounding his potential arrival in a club but not this time. All we hear are speculation, not certainties. So the question again is why is he jobless? This is a multimillion dollar question.

There palpable fears that he will destroy existing foundations of a club. Mourinho is a complicated somebody, an advocate of the end justifies the means. He is more interested in results. We can recall the 2010 Champions League semi-final match Inter Milan played against to be dethroned 2015 champions, Barcelona. With Thiago Motta red carded, Inter played the rest of the match with all men behind the ball. He parked the bus and shut the station down. Samuel Walter and co did a magnificent job. We even saw Samuel Eto playing a left back. What a game it was!!! He even called the game ‘the most beautiful defeat of my life’.

We will be waiting for the news to break out when the now “Jobless One” will be employed and see him again on the touch line dishing out tactical instructions to his players. Where he will be remains unknown but he revealed that by July, he will be employed.


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