Keshi Will Fail – Onigbinde

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Keshi Will Fail - Onigbinde

Former Nigeria coach Adegboye Onigbinde said it would be very difficult to establish any harmony if the Nigeria Football Federation were to re-appoint Stephen Keshi as the coach of the national team.

Keshi has fallen out of favour with the country’s football administrators before, which is compounded by the fact that he currently finds himself planning his future on shifting sands, primarily because the Nigeria Football Federation has yet to decide on the future coach. Onigbinde thinks that is a problem.

“To me it would be very difficult for Keshi to succeed on the job since the NFF has once sacked him before,” Onigbinde told The Nation.

“Keshi would still need to work with the present NFF administration that first sacked him and the relationship to me has already been soured.”


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