Women Want To Sleep With Me – Yaya Toure

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Women Want To Sleep With Me – Yaya Toure

The Ivorian has revealed just how tough the life of a footballer can be, with some women going to great lengths to try to bag themselves a footballer.

Toure, a devout Muslim who is happily married to wife Gineba, was quoted by the Mirror, as telling a magazine in his homeland that “I hide (from women) in order to escape them you have to change your phone number regularly as they’ve all got good contacts.

Toure added: “Sometimes I wonder what’s going through girls’ heads. It’s embarrassing. There was one who openly courted me. It was really shocking! She asked for my phone number and I gave her a wrong number in order to get away from her.

“I escape from them. I’m married. My wife is enough for me. I like peace and that’s my way of living.”


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