Balotelli Does It Again!!!

Balotelli Does It Again!!!

It seems while Liverpool are focusing on turning their fortunes around on the pitch, their injured Italian striker Mario Balotelli has kept himself busy by courting girls on social media.

One of the top sports stories in Iceland this week, is how Liverpool striker Balotelli, whose name is mb459 on the picture sharing website, flirted with some Icelandic girls on Instagram.

In a rather embarrassing fashion for the controversial strikerr, one of Balotelli’s attempts to woo the Scandinavian beauty was exposed by the girl’s own boyfriend @jonataningi, who posted a screenshot of the chat between the Liverpool man and his missus on Twitter.

@jonataningi tweeted: “The moment when Mario Balotelli tries to steal your girlfriend :(” to his image.

Interestingly, @jonataningi’s girlfriend, who goes by the name margretiriss on Instagram, wasn’t the only female Balotelli chatted up on Instagram, with a second flirty conversation with another Icelandic woman also doing the round of social media.

She is not the only girl that Balotelli has a chat with Instagram by a girl named Margaret Iris also chatted with him.

Ms Iris said:” It started so I tried to post and wanted to see if he would answer , ” said Ms Iris in conversation with Fótbolta.

“I was very much surprised that he answered . So the day after , he sent me out of the blue what number I’d like . “

Balotelli seems to be very fond of the Scandinavianl girls . “All the girls there are so beautiful , ” said Balotelli  in a conversation with Margret.

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