NPFL: Niger Tornadoes fans stone Bendel Insurance players

NPFL: Niger Tornadoes fans stone Bendel Insurance players

Long awaited abridged 2018/19 NPFL season resumes seven months after

The abridged Nigeria Professional Football League has again experienced another wave of violence as Niger Tornadoes fans attacked visiting Bendel Insurance players on Sunday. The game ended goalless.

According to reports, the centre referee Dahiru Yakasai had awarded the host penalty kick after the ball had touched Michael Enaruna’s hand inside Insurance box but was not converted.

The miss angered the fans who expressed their frustration by hauling stones, water cans and dangerous objects onto the pitch indiscriminately, injuring Insurance striker Emmanuel Uangboje on his head.

Insurance medical team led by Dr Aghedo was on hand to stabilize the injured striker.

The Insurance goalkeeper Amas Obasogie was not also spared as he received his share of sachet water pelting. The situation degenerated when the center referee Dahiru Yakasai blew the final whistle as the fans became hostile and it was rain of stones inside the Kontagora Memorial stadium.

Intervention of some security operatives with Niger state FA officials however brought the situation under control as they helped whisked Insurance team away from the stadium.

The Tornadoes team manager, Coach Bernard left the stadium before the end of the game to avoid attack by their angry supporters.

Speaking after the game, the assistant coach of Bendel Insurance, Greg Ikhanoba expressed disappointment over the unfriendly behaviour of the Tornadoes fans.

He said Insurance played goalless at home with Kwara Utd and the Benin fans showed understanding.

He expressed worries that soccer hooliganism could kill the round leather game if not urgently checked by concerned authorities.

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