Ex-International set to launch national football youth league

Ex-International set to launch national football youth league

By Olusola ‘Jide @jide_olusola

In a bid to develop sports at grassroots levels, former Nigerian international, Sodiq Buhari popularly known as David Doherty is set to launch SportsEdu+ Fustar National Football Youth League.

In a chat with The SportsBay, Sodiq revealed that the league will focus on secondary schools and football academies across Nigeria in the first three years.

“We are putting our focus on football first and hopefully in years to come we will look at other sports. We are starting with the age group which is at the school level.”

“The whole project is about going back to the real grassroots. The pilot project is from Lagos state. We plan to subsidize indigent young ones who can’t afford to be in the academy.”

He further stated the academy will be set up to encourage young Nigerians to take up coaching, punditry as not all would become professional footballers.

“We have realised that most of our footballers don’t have enough formal education and we are trying to combine sports with education.”

“It’s more of an informal education, but what it is that we are trying to introduce coaching at early ages as seen in top European countries. We are encouraging young people to take up coaching, punditry etc through school.”

“It is going to be a three year programme. Not all the youths will play the game, some will have to be coaches and pundits. They will have coaching courses which will be the standard as the English FA,” he said.

According to the former Concord FC player, the students will learn the technical side of football in the first year, and in the second year, that’s when education comes in and in the third year they will be assigned to organisations not necessary sports organisation.

“This is to enable them to have experience of working in an organization for three months,” he noted.

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