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Abuja 2018: FCT to use National Sports Festival to revive traditional sports

By Olusola ‘Jide @jide_olusola

The chairman, FCT Association of Traditional Sports, Apostle Collins Ebubechukwu has expressed his desire to revive traditional sports which have been in the doldrums for years when the National Sports Festival kicks off.

In a chat with Daily Trust, he said “we want to develop our local sports like Ayo so that our children can know what we inherited from our parents so it doesn’t go extinct.”

Ayo is a traditional game played on a carved wooden board usually played between two persons, and the objects of play being Ayo seeds. The game is very common in Nigeria and some countries in West and North Africa.

According to him, the traditional sports are for the future and the newly elected board is determined to put the sports in the limelight.

“We will go to schools to organise local competitions so that they would have the foundation from there the world will have to know about such sports,” he noted.

While speaking further on the forthcoming National Sports Festival, billed for Abuja from December 6th -16th, 2018, Ebubechukwu is optimistic the 19th Edition of the Games will be better than previous ones and will look forward using that to project some of the traditional sports which have been confirmed so far such as Ayo, Abula, Traditional boxing, traditional wrestling and Langa. 

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