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Coaches, sports directors blamed for promoting age cheating

The Director of Grassroots Sports Development, Dr Ademola Are has blamed sports administrators for continually aiding and encouraging age cheating for age-grade competitions.

Are blamed coaches and states directors of sports for the huge number of age cheats disqualified during the recently concluded National Youth Games while acknowledging the successes recorded at the Games held in Kwara state.

According to him, “the National Youth Games was a satisfactory outing for the Ministry. We had more than enough athletes than we expected though some few states did not show up due to logistics”, he said.

National Youth Games beset by age cheats

We have however continued to appeal to them not to deny the children a once-in-a-life time opportunity, he said.

He however urged the various federations to ensure that the over 300 talents discovered be kept busy for the future.

While speaking on the over 450 athletes that were disqualified from the Games, Are blamed the coaches for falsifying documents for the kids to show that they were U-15 as well as forging accreditation papers for the young athletes.

He revealed that those states that fielded over age athletes will be sanctioned.

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“These young athletes can’t forge documents on their own without the so called lazy coaches’ assistance who want to win at all costs. Next time we will arrest them with the athletes,” he warned.

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