'Psychic' Octopus That Predicted Japan's World Cup Results Killed
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‘Psychic’ Octopus That Predicted Japan’s World Cup Results Killed

A “psychic” octopus who appeared to have correctly predicted two of Japan’s World Cup results has been killed and “sent to market” because his owner-fisherman decided cash was more important than viral fame.

The giant Pacific octopus — named Rabiot — was caught in Obira, Hokkaido and quickly rose to Internet fame when it correctly predicted Japan’s first win against Colombia as well as the team’s draw to Senegal early in the tournament.

Rabiot made the predictions by moving to different parts of a paddling pool. Each part of the pool was marked win, lose or draw and had food to tempt him.

Local media in Japan reported Rabiot’s owner, Kimio Abe, decided he’d make more money by selling the octopus meat at the market than he would by being the owner of an Internet celebrity.

“I hope that the second Rabiot will also give all the outcomes correctly and that Japan will go all the way,” Abe said, according to Sora News 24.

But Rabiot managed some posthumous revenge. After he was sent to the market, Japan lost, 1-0, to Poland on June 28 and then was knocked out of the round of 16 after a 3-2 loss to Belgium.

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