David Haye, Tony Bellew Set For Heavyweight Rematch

David Haye, Tony Bellew Set For Heavyweight Rematch

David Haye and Tony Bellew are set to face each other in a heavyweight rematch after weighing in at a lighter weight for Saturday night’s heavyweight rematch at the O2 Arena in London.

After fending off accusations regarding his fitness levels, having suffered bicep and Achilles injuries, Haye tipped the scales at 15st 10lbs 2oz.

Bellew, who won last year’s bout at the same venue with an 11th-round stoppage, came in at 15st 4oz on the eve of the fight – around three pounds lighter than before, compared to four pounds for his opponents.

Speaking to Sky Sports News after the weigh-in on Friday afternoon, Bellew said: “The scales were heavy, but no problem. Weight is just a number.

“He really thinks I didn’t get in the ring with the real David Haye. Someone please show me who I was facing? With those muscles, those beautiful abdominals, that sharp haircut, those big pectorals – I’m sure it was him!

“The only thing that’s getting dragged out is me hitting you with body shots. Your 37-year-old body can’t do what my body can do.”

In response, Haye said: “I knew my weight would be lighter, I feel healthy,” said Haye. “I just wanted to make sure I’m fast, accurate and ready for battle. My body has held up in training way better than before.

“I can do things I couldn’t do for many years. He thinks I’ve made a mistake, I disagree, I told him I’m a very different fighter to who he fought last time. People will see a prime David Haye, I’m ready for war!”

The fight is due to get underway at around 10pm on Saturday night.

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