20 nations converge on Abuja as the cycling championship gets underway on Thursday


Twenty nations are expected to compete in the Africa Cup track cycling competition, which will be held at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium in Abuja from July 14 to July 17, 2022.

Giandomenico Massari, the president of the Cycling Federation of Nigeria, announced that 35 men’s and women’s cyclists will represent Nigeria at the competition while briefing journalists in Abuja.

Massari went on to say that the federation has made the necessary preparations for the event to go smoothly and successfully.

He claims that Nigeria is hosting, and we will have a related event in 2019. In terms of cycling, we anticipate a really, really, really good performance. Since our athletes are dedicated, we anticipate strong performance.

It’s showing interest that this type of specialty in cycling is getting and we are ready and we have some challenges, we try to overcome and we are trying to put in full gear for the Africa tourney that is starting next tomorrow with the opening ceremony and eventually the race will be according to the program and the race will be interesting program and we are hoping that everything will be smooth and up till time, we are expecting to have a good performance as we proceed to the championship.” 

He however lamented the lack of sponsors for the championship and game of cycling: “We are not getting support in spite of our achievement we are not getting any support from anyone even government. 

“Sports must be supported because as we speak no one or company that’s supporting sports us, they should know that support to sports is a support for the country, support to the youth and not only the youth. I am appealing to Nigeria to lend a hand of support for cycling for more growth and development.” 

It could be recalled that Nigeria hosted the first edition of the championship in July 2019 in Abuja and emerged champions among the nine countries which participated.