World Cup 2018: Fans To Travel To Russia For Free

This will come as cheering news to football fans who are worried about the cost of travelling to watch their various teams during the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Russia is the world’s largest nation, borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans and as such commuting in the nation is expensive and in this regards, based on past experiences, competition ambassador Alexey Smertin told the ​Mirror that Russian organisers have implemented a new scheme called ‘Fan ID’, which will enable fans to travel to and from host cities for absolutely free once a match ticket has been purchased.

Without the innovative aid of Fan ID, supporters would have to spend thousands of pounds if they were to span the country, a daunting prospect which would certainly put off a large majority from visiting the spectacle.

Anti-racism and discrimination inspector Smertin claimed that fans will indeed be granted the privilege of travelling without even spending a single penny.

“We have considered the whole journey of fans when visiting Russia for the World Cup. It isn’t just about the tickets they buy, it’s about the affordability of their whole experience when travelling to, and inside Russia,” said the former Chelsea midfielder.

“We have developed the free Fan ID system, that not only serves as a ticketholder’s pass to the stadiums, it is also grants visa-free access to Russia, offers free transport inside host cities, and most impressively between host cities.

“Once ticketholders obtain their Fan ID they can travel literally thousands of miles, without spending a penny. How’s that for affordability?!”

With ticket prices for group games and knockout ties presumably set to be astronomical, the burden of expensive, arduous commutes across Russia to the appropriate destinations would seem like a kick in the teeth for the fans.

However, now that the tournament’s organising body has wised-up to the matter, it appears that many a person’s bank account has been ultimately spared a hefty beating.

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